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Advisory Services

Our services are designed to simplify the demands of wealth management, so that you can invest your time in the things you love.


As independent advisors we are not tied to any financial institution or investment product.  We use an independent third-party to custody and safeguard your assets.  This allows us to be solely committed to our clients' success.


Client assets are held and invested within separately-managed accounts (SMA) for maximum transparency and tax-efficiency.  You'll have the ability to log-on anytime to see exactly what you own, view account activity, and track performance.


As fiduciaries we are sworn to act in your best interest and to exercise the highest degree of care and good faith in the management and preservation of your assets.  Each investment decision is made with our clients' long-term goals and values in mind.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Each age and stage of life requires a different investing mindset.  Our clients receive personalized investment advice, a disciplined investment strategy and proactive, professional oversight.  We monitor positions and global financial markets to detect meaningful changes as they occur.

Our advisors utilize a diversified investment strategy in order to balance your capital needs with global, economic and financial outlooks.  Generally, we look for innovative growth companies that can compound your wealth over time, balanced with stable income-producing securities.

Individual tax consequences, estate-planning, distribution strategies, investment mandates and self-imposed restrictions are also carefully considered. 

We provide portfolio management services on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis:

  • On a discretionary basis, we build, monitor, rebalance and maintain a personalized investment portfolio for you. The investments are determined based upon your investment objectives, risk tolerance, net worth, net income, age, investment time horizon, tax situation and other various suitability factors.

  • On a non-discretionary basis, we will provide periodic recommendations to you and if such recommendations are approved, the authorized recommendations are promptly carried out.

Each portfolio gets the attention it deserves.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

We are committed to delivering reliable advice across a broad range of financial disciplines to address your unique situation and to serve your best interests.

Our Financial Planning services may address any or all of the following areas of concern:

  • Personal: Family records, budgeting, personal liability, estate information and financial goals.

  • Death & Disability: Cash needs at death, income needs of surviving dependents, estate planning and disability income analysis.

  • Tax & Cash Flow: Income tax and spending analysis and planning for past, current and future years. Illustrations of the impact of various investments on your current income tax and future tax liability.

  • Retirement: Analysis of your current strategies and investment plans to help you achieve your retirement goals.

  • Investments: Analysis of investment alternatives and their effect on your portfolio.

A level of service and dedication not found on Wall Street

Pension Consulting

Pension Consulting

We provide pension-consulting services to employee benefit plans--including 401(k) plans--and their fiduciaries based upon an analysis of the needs of the plan.

These services may include an existing plan review, asset allocation advice, money management services, communication and education services where advisors will assist the plan sponsor to provide meaningful information regarding the retirement plan to its participants, investment portfolio monitoring, and/or ongoing consulting.

Our Process

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The Pre-Retirement Checklist

The Pre-Retirement Checklist

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